4 Simple Tips to Long-Lasting Underwear

We’ve all been there. You buy a nice pair of underwear, they quickly become your new favorite, and 6 months to a year later, you’re searching for a replacement because it’s worn out. Nothing is worse than underwear with poor elasticity that can’t hold anything up, faded colors, and especially lint balls!

The reason for these situations often comes down to how you maintain your underwear. Like any piece of clothing, underwear needs special care and proper washing. Take the extra time and precautions, and thank yourself later.

One of the most common questions we get from customers at Topdrawers is advice on how to keep new (& current) pairs of underwear fresh and long lasting. Here are 4 easy laundry tips we recommend to make your underwear last!

No Fabric Softener or Bleach!

Avoid both. They’re very aggressive and underwear just can’t handle it. The strong perfumes and softening agents are known to weaken the material. If you really insist on using bleach or softener, limit it to after a few washes or every other wash.

No Dryer!

The dryer is your underwear’s worst enemy. A typical dryer can go up to 175 degrees Celsius! Think of your underwear in the dryer like putting a plastic container in the microwave…

Heat will damage the lycra and the elastic band. Worst of all, having the fabrics rub together in the dryer leads to lint balls, which is never an attractive look.

The dryer may be the quickest method, but long term you’re doing more harm than good on both your wallet and wardrobe.

Air Dry!

Air-drying your underwear may not be the quickest method, but it’s the ideal way to preserve underwear elasticity, color and softness, regardless of fabric. Many underwear fabrics, like modal and microfiber, dry fast, 2-3 hours at the most.

When drying your underwear, avoid the sun as it will weaken colors and fabric, like the dryer. Dry underwear in a cool place, like a bathroom, flat on a towel(s), or drying rack. Try keeping a fan in the same room to help speed the process.

Hand Wash!

Machine washing on gentle setting is OK, but hand washing is best – quick, easy, and a sure fire way to increase your underwear’s lifespan. Plus, it’s a lot of fun and great exercise for your arms, wrists and shoulders. Why not save money and look damn good doing it 😉

Use warm or cool water in a sink and try Woolite Delicates Liquid Detergent. It’s very gentle and won’t hurt your underwear. Be gentle yourself when handling your underwear and wringing it out.

What methods and procedures do you use to keep your underwear looking brand spanking new?!


2 thoughts on “4 Simple Tips to Long-Lasting Underwear

    1. Step away from the iron 😉 That must have been some kind of error on the manufacturer’s part, because in the underwear and swimwear industry, the dryer and iron are two of our worst enemies. Synthetics like Spandex and Lycra can’t take that heat. The best thing for any underwear/swimwear is to let it air dry, as it will preserve the elasticity and fabric.


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