Ask Topdrawers: Boxers or Briefs?

Q: So what is the real scoop on this? What is more popular, boxers or briefs?

A: Good question! The real deal is – it depends on who you ask. We can probably talk more about trends in underwear types than what is absolutely more popular.

We deal with many people in all things having to do with men’s underwear. We talk to our customers, our fans, the manufacturers and the fashionistos. We talk to all sorts of people in all walks of life. Gay, straight, old, young – it doesn’t matter, the fact is what you like is probably what you should wear. The nice thing is, today more than ever, we have so much choice. And there is less conformity when it comes to what is the ‘in thing’ to wear.

That being said, we can say that there has been a trend. In the past, from the 1990s onward, boxers were more popular, by a long shot. (When we say boxers, we mean boxer briefs. Boxer briefs are typically considered to be underwear using knit fabric, and form-fitting with leg material. It’s like a cross between a brief and a traditional boxer).

Today, boxer briefs are still very popular, but the brief is definitely making a comeback. Our customers are getting freer in their choices, and will as often pick a brief as they would a boxer brief. The story doesn’t end there however. We see more customers choosing the jockstrap and the thong with increasing interest. Once considered to be niche or specialty type underwear, they are strongly entering the mainstream with the various manufacturers we deal with.


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