[Guide] 5 Sexiest Thongs to Spice Up Your Love Life

Valentine’s may be over, but love is ALWAYS in season. Whether you’re beginning a new, exciting relationship or taking things to the next level, spicing it up with a thong can be fun experience for everyone.

Don’t turn your cheek on these sexy styles that will you have and your partner going “WOW”.

1. Gregg Homme Desire Thong  — $29.00

Fulfill you and your partner’s inner-most desires and fantasies, starting with this saucy thong from Gregg Homme. The detached buckles are a lot of fun, and make it easy for either you (or your partner) to take off. Go get em’ Tiger!! 😉

2. Andrew Christian Spider Thong — $35.00

Now you can spin a web and save the girl or boy. This thong from Andrew Christian accentuates your booty, with flattering detail, giving your damsel in distress the best view in the house. Another fun idea is recreating the infamous upside down kissing scene from the movie. Just watch your step or it may result in a “sticky” situation 😉


3. Pistol Pete Rainbow Thong — $30.00

“Somewhere over the rainbow. Way up high. There’s a thong that I wanted. I, oh I, must BUYYYYY.”

Okay, not quite the right lyrics, but you’ll be singing this tune when you’re rocking this sexy thong from Pistol Pete. Available in purple and black, your partner will be wanting to taste the rainbow.

4. Joe Snyder Mini Cheek Thong — $39.00

Nobody does skimpy thongs like Joe Snyder. This unique thong is designed to showcase your best assets and give your tush a push, with a center seam and high-cut cheeks for support. With a wide range of colors and fabrics to choose from, Joe Snyder has you covered… partially 😉

5. JM Skinz Thong — $20.00

Believe it or not, you don’t have to sacrifice your own comfort to look sexy. JM has created high-quality designs for over 30 years, and this thong is proof that they’re still at the top of their game. Serving sleek, elegance, and sex appeal, and featuring microfiber and spandex, this thong will be one of the slickest and most comfortable you’ll ever wear!!


One thought on “[Guide] 5 Sexiest Thongs to Spice Up Your Love Life

  1. I have tried many underwears and I prefer men’s thong above all underwear because it is supportive and comfortable. I usually purchase my underwear from pistolpete.com. I always prefer comfort over design but looks also matters for me a lot. I totally agree with your point that sexy thong can spice up your relationship and definitely the sexy thongs.

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