[Guide] Kick Up Your Sock Game with Good Luck Sock, Bjorn Borg & PUMP!


They say that the clothes make a man, but one essential part of your wardrobe that often goes unacknowledged happen to be what you put on your feet. What you wear says a lot about your personality and identity. Research has shown that our clothing often dictates how we are treated and viewed by others, even when it comes to the socks we wear.

Those who go for crazy, stylish color socks are said to be innovative, mysterious, and rebellious individuals. In a world of black and white socks, socks that go against the norm show you aren’t willing to conform and you are up to breaking the rules!

Spice up your wardrobe and show off your playful side with these fun sock brands:



This Canadian company from Edmonton, Alberta takes socks to a whole new level, with designs and patterns that are both unique and guaranteed to show off your wild side, without going overboard.  From the Canadian and American flags to animal specialties like dogs and cats riding bicycles, there’s something fun for everyone!!

Even Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been seen rocking a pair!! 




Another Canadian company from Montreal, PUMP! has socks for those who want to spice up their sock wardrobe, but would prefer to switch up colors instead of experimenting with wild and wacky designs/styles. PUMP! All-Sport socks feature moisture control and odor resistance technology to keep feet fresh, whether on a night out or after an intense gym session.

PUMP! has got you covered (pun definitely intended)



This Swedish company (like the legendary tennis player himself) serve angle socks that are sophisticated, athletic and trendy. Getting excited for the 2016 Summer Games? Rooting for a European country? From Germany to France to Italy, show off the team you’re rooting for with pride!



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