Best Family-Friendly Swimwear

A familiar refrain we hear here at Topdrawers: “going on vacay with family, need suitable swimsuit”. It’s not always easy to find a swim suit that looks decent on without being too revealing or sexy for those family-friendly vacations or the public pool.

Have no fear – Topdrawers is here! These 4 brands will cover you up enough to avoid any raised eyebrows, but contain just the right hint of subtle sex appeal for those that are paying attention.

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Made in San Diego, Sauvage has a California surfer vibe that maintains sexiness without going over board (pun intended). Clean, savvy and beach ready, grab your surfer boy or girl, and hit the waves with these select styles!

Sauvage Roman Retro Swimmer ($89)Sauvage Spliced Palm Swimmer ($89)Sauvage Pinstripe Squarecut ($72)

JM: Waves

This Canadian company has built a 30 year reputation for delivering clothing that ooze sophistication and classic manliness. With their Waves Collection, JM does it again with conservatively fitted swim trunks that are wrinkle resistant and fabric to protect against sun and chlorine damage. You’ll be well equipped with excellent support to keep from any accidental “malfunctions” and still turn heads.

JM Waves Fitted Swim Trunk ($55) JM Waves Fitted Swim Trunk ($55) JM Waves Fitted Trunk ($55)


Our newest arrival from Australia, 2EROS knows how to make great swimwear that features a slightly longer leg length and experimentation’s with bold, yet subtle styles. Go down under (without going too far South) with these fun choices!

2EROS Signature Stripe Swim Short ($75)2EROS Print Swim Short ($85)2EROS Black Label Swim Short ($59)

Le Club

Want to show off that gym body you’ve worked so hard for on your upcoming vacation or pool party? Join Le Club. Inspired by the beaches and people of Miami, mixed with the right amount of spice and sexiness, you’ll turn heads. With rear grommets for air ventilation, you’ll just look HOT without feeling the burn.

Did we also mention all Le Club products are on sale, exclusively on our site?! Don’t miss out.

Le Club Solid Swim Short S4 ($65)Le Club Sunrise Swim Short E62 ($65)Le Club Solid Swim Short S21 ($65)



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