NEW @ Topdrawers! Leo for Men Engineered Shapewear

You always want to look your best, feel your best when going out in the world. Whether you’re looking to improve your posture, slim down a size or two, improve support in your torso for relief and recovery, or just want to enhance what nature gave you, these are all great reasons to give Leo For Men underwear a try.

We’ve given them a try here at Topdrawers, and we’re impressed! We’ve carried other shapewear category underwear in the past, but we’re actually very excited to carry these.

We’ve highlighted 3 of their products here, but please do check out more of their innovative products here.

We’re happy to offer Leo For Men engineered garments to our customers. Check them out today!


Want to lose a couple inches off your waist? Want to firm up those abs, chest and back? Want to dramatically improve your posture? If you said yes to any of these, you need to take a look at this.

It fits invisibly under your clothes. No seams or different coloration under your clothing.


This is a garment that really delivers! Without padding, this underwear features the PowerSlim design, which provides lift and support in the back AND front.

Add the included padding and you get extra effect. If you want even more enhancement, we also offer extra sets of pads, which you can double up on.


This is an extraordinary design, which gives you extra support in the abs and back with double layered firm supportive fabric, all while giving a smooth contour across the body.

Designed to blend in with your wardrobe disguised as a regular tank top, feel free to wear this shirt with confidence, no matter your circumstances.


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